Miguel Ferreira
Entrepreneur, Copywriter & Marketing Strategist.

Hi there. I’m Miguel.

Currently, I run Teardwn, a Web Copywriting Agency For Indie Startups & Small Businesses who want to GROW & COMPETE With the Big Guys.

I also run Nishi (the place to go for copywriting inspiration) and once per week I share colorful thoughts on copywriting.

I have been hanging around the European startup scene like a bad smell for over 7 years. I started That Special Record (RIP) and co-founded Foodzai (RIP). I’ve also worked on other cool things. 

Fun fact: If you’re a record collector you might remember me as the guy who created the hashtag #ihaveathingforvinyl on Instagram.

Best posts:

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Upstream thinking.
Netflix is a joke.
Frederick the Great, potatoes and the art of rebranding.
Highlight the remarkable.

Find me on Twitter, Instagram or Medium.

Based in Lisbon.
And sometimes other places.