Being different is more profitable. Sameness is commercial suicide.

When Food-delivery app Eat24 founders tried to raise money, angel investors and VCs laughed.

'Your service will have no demand!', some said.

'Your management team has no track record', others said.

With $0 in VC funding, Eat24 founders knew that to survive, they had to do things differently.

They had to look for cheaper ways to get the word out.

Because they also knew that the on-demand food delivery space was extremely crowded. And that all their competitors looked and sounded the same.

The solution? Advertising on porn sites like Pornhub.

This was 2013. When no mainstream brand in the World would even dare to advertise on porn sites.

This move was extremely risky.

But it worked.

Eat24's banner ads saw 3 times the impressions compared with Google, Twitter, and Facebook combined. And it cost “90% less than what the big guys charge per 1,000 impressions.”

Even better, tens of thousands clicked the ads and ordered food.

And Eat24 ended becoming America's favorite way to order food online.

In 2015, Yelp bought Eat24 for $134 million.

Don't be afraid of doing things differently. Because as Tom Roach says, ‘Sameness is commercial suicide.’

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