Gum election: Make the alternative more fun

How can we encourage people to keep their city streets clean?

The answer: Good copywriting. Little hints and suggestions can shepherd people towards better behavior. Here's a great example.

Gum boards are a super effective way to stop people from throwing their chewing gum on to the pavements. But here's the little secret. Gum boards work because they are fun to use.

During the Obama vs Romney US election of 2012, creatives Stefan Haverkamp, Hedvig Astrom and James Cooper had this fun idea.

Why don't we ask people to use their gum to vote 'Who sucks the most?'.

They called it Gum Election. The purpose was to encourage Americans to vote on Election Day as well as keeping their cities a little cleaner. Gum Election posters were all over New York, as well as cities in California.

Now here's where things get interesting. Haverkamp, Astrom and Cooper spent just a few dollars to launch the 'Gum Election'. But the campaign got more responses than any official party ad.

Once again, and for almost no money, creativity and good copywriting can solve any problem!

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