Why are 89% of ads ignored?

£22.2 billion is spent yearly in the UK on all forms of advertising. £11.5 billion is spent on Internet advertising only.

But here's a surprising and shocking truth. Only 4% of advertising is positively remembered, 7% remembered negatively and 89% not noticed or remembered.

That’s £21.3 billion worth of useless communication. £21.3 billion quid - the equivalent to the GDP of Estonia + Cape Vert !

The average time a visitor spends on your website before deciding if they should bail or not? 5 seconds. Most websites lose 80% of their visitors in that time.

Moral: Most brands have no idea what they're doing.

Our culture is driven, more than ever, by brands and marketers obsessed with data.

But most have forgotten how to engage with people's imagination and soul.

They’ve forgotten that for any conversation, website or ad to work it needs to have impact (“Is it memorable?”), communicate (“Does it communicate clearly what it is you want people to know?”) and be persuasive (”What’s the call to action and why should I give a damn?”).

It's time to get back to the basics.

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